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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Keep it Simple

When you make your pregnancy public, the world around you grows increasingly mad.

Buy this
Eat this
Do this
Read this
Think about this
Don't do that
Don't eat that
Don't buy that
Don't think that!
Don't stand, sit, lift, pull, push, move
What are you doing?
If you don't do/read/eat/buy/choose this, you are a bad/negligent/irresponsible person.

Thank goodness for the one professional who has been a consistent source of grounded common sense for the past year.

So much information about pregnancy is set up to make you feel bad, ill-informed, deficient and on the back foot. Listen to only what you want. Do it your way.

She also said

Babies need very little. A bit of food, warmth and a wipe down every now and again. And love. They don't care if their cot isn't from John Lewis or toys don't explode from every corner of the house. Keep it simple. 

Do it your way.

Thank you Alison

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