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Friday, 27 February 2009

Judgement Call

I like to drink from time to time. I'm not a daily drinker but when I drink, I like a session. I'm not one of these glass of wine at lunch girls. I like to hunker down with good company and work our way through a few bottles. I like to have stimulating conversation and to discuss topics, not people. I like to burst into random song sometimes and if others join me, all so much the better. I like to sit on the floor when I drink. I prefer to drink at night.

I had one such session recently with some work friends. It was one of those lovely, spontaneous sessions where we were all on a level. The company was relaxed, funny, witty and interesting. No-one hogged the conversation. No-one was left out. It was as close to perfect as could be.

Afterwards I wrote on my Facebook status that I had enjoyed a drinking session with my work mates. Why I felt compelled to write it? For the same reason I guess that anyone writes their status on Facbeook. What do I care if Jim is going to bed? Or that Amanda is having a cup of tea? Or that I had a drink with my mates? There's a space for us to type stuff. So we type.

Well someone did care it turns out. One of my friends posted a comment. To quote nonverbatim:

You seem to be drinking far too much these days. Isn't it about time you had a baby?xxxxx

Is it me or is the xxxxx supposed to be ironic? This friend conceived her baby during a lost weekend of cocaine and booze. Surely it has to be ironic.

There are many things I wanted say and ways I wanted to respond. But in the end I just deleted her comment. Comments like that aren't worth bothering with.

There are times when judgement, hypocrisy and ignorance combine to effect comments of great humour and irony.

This was not one of them.
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