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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dream Mail

Whenever I have an especially vivid dream about someone, I see it as a sign for me to get in contact with them, if I am in contact with them. Life doesn't always allow this to happen of course. I had a dream about Obama awhile ago but unlike Scarlett Johannsson, I'm not gonna try email the guy.

Recently, I've been part of a dream mail sequence. Last week my friend Sophia got in touch to tell me about a dream she'd had about visiting me in London. It was vivid, real and a bit disturbing so she texted me to tell me about it. Yesterday I emailed my friend CJ in Perth because of a dream I'd had in which I was checking to see how she was settling in back at home after a six month travel adventure. Today I got an email from my friend Mack in Canberra. The opening line of his email was that he had had a dream about having coffee with me in London and then realised that we were actually having coffee in Ginos in Perth. So he got in touch.

There's something reassuring to me that in a time where email and internet are king and queen and all the post you ever get in your letterbox are bills, that reaching out to someone can be determined by your dreams.

I think that's a good definition of the word lovely.

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