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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Million Knives

Last night we went out in Camden to Proud, a 200-year-old Grad II Listed Horse Hospital in the Stables Market which has been redone into a live music and bar venue. We went to support our friend who was performing in his debut London gig with his band, Million Knives.

I haven't been to a gig in donkey's years. I felt my age in donkey's years when I walked into the smokey, booming venue. The too-cool-for-school brigade was out in force (after all - it was Camden) and I foresaw a long night ahead of me. I wondered how many Budweisers I would have to neck to numb the need to go home.

Fortunately I was only on my 2nd Bud (they were a fortune! £14 for a round of four) when I started to enjoy the electic range of bands onstage. The weariness of the day had fallen away and I started to appreciate the friendliness of the crowd and how easy it was to chat to strangers.

By the time Million Knives came onstage, me and my gal pals were front centre, screaming our lungs out and reviving the not-quite-dead 16 year old groupie that lives in us all.

When we stumbled out in the early hours, I'd met a bunch of great, new people and seen some great new bands. My taste for live gigs had been reborn.

Rock on!

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