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Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Selby

We’re constantly reminded these days that we live in the age of technology and speed. Information flies around quicker as a result. But does this mean that we are any wiser or more knowledgeable? I don’t think so. Sometimes it just makes me feel as if I’m under siege.

You would think that with this constant flow of communication that the public/private split in society would be somewhat diminished. After all, anytime we want to know something, we go to Google or Wikipedia. Reality TV is now an established genre. Blogs (tongue firmly in cheek), Facebook and the internet transcend traditional boundaries of time and access. As a result it can feel like nothing is private or sacrosanct anymore. It’s all available if you know where to look.

Are we a society of voyeurs, dipping into and out of multiple worlds with a tap of our keyboards or hit of a switch?

I am a part of this generation but I do recall a time when it was not like this. I sometimes miss the old fashion ways of being nosy. Good old-fashion research in books and encyclopedias. Walking down the street at night and seeing how people’s homes are decorated. Gathering information from a wide range of resources rather than the all knowing Google. Sometimes when knowledge is harder won, you tend to remember what you learnt. At least, that’s true of me.

I heard about this blog yesterday. Todd Selby is a professional photographer who photographs inside homes of people he meets and finds interesting. I like it because of all the little details he captures within each home.

I also like the fact of how his blog made me think that no matter how public life seems to be now, our homes can still be private reflections of who we are.

And of course, I like how the blog satiates my inner Nosy Parker.

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