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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

High School Reunion

When I logged into my Facebook account this morning, I was greeted by a sight so horrifying that it was all I could do not to projectile vomit my breakfast all across the screen.

An invite to my high school reunion. Accompanied by all our yearbook photos.

Holy shit.

I thought I had escaped this particular rite of passage. I went to a hippy dippy arts high school crammed with stoners, Fame wannabes and bogans. I did not believe anyone from my year would be ever be motivated enough to organise a reunion. Or even want to.

Clearly that was just my own projection. Post graduation, I thought we had all run out screaming but maybe it was just me.

As I scrolled through the invite, all the faces from my past looked so happy and carefree in their Facebook profile pics. Smiling alongside their partners and children. Climbing Everest. Dancing the night away. They didn’t seem stoned (particularly) and any bogan-ish tendencies were well hidden.

My high school nemesis was amongst these faces and even though I screamed a silent Nooo..., my finger clicked on her link. Her shiny, successful life flashed before me. Her success was so blatant that I started comparing myself instantly because that’s what nemesis’ are for. And because I am a masochist.

The definition of a High School Reunion is: compare and contrast yourself against everyone else and feel superior or feel suicidal. That’s what these reunions are about right? Who did well? Who looks good? Who lived up to their potential? Who didn’t? It’s like a meeting of racehorses.

It’s an awkward feeling when your high school self and current self meet as mine did today. The conversation they had went something like this:

High School Self: So what the fuck have you been doing with your life?
Current Self: Errr…umm…. Stuff.
High School Self: Like what?
Current Self: You know. Work. Travel. Dance. Love.
High School: Oh dance. Yeah I remember. I expect you’re working in dance now aren’t you?
Current Self: No. It’s a hobby
High School Self: What a shame. You must be doing something else pretty special. You did so well at school.
Current Self: No, not really. Nothing special.

And so on. They talked for a really long time and it was really depressing for both of them.

Beware the words High School Reunion. It’s just brutal.


Jami said...

i take it you're not going then?

Lavendar Lee said...

Couldn't even if I wanted to. It's in Oz