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Friday, 9 July 2010

The London Library

When I was at high school all those many, many years ago, there was a period of time in which my mates and I used to wag school quite a lot. I think back to this as the start of my delinquent phase which I am still waiting to grow out of.

But, I digress.

Having successfully legged it from whatever class we were supposed to be attending (Home Economics was a popular choice), my mates would chirrup:

Shall we go hang out at the park?
Stalk some cute boys?
Listen to music?
Go to the markets?

Nah, I’d reply coolly, I’m going to the library.

That’s right. The Library.

Now you may be thinking, what sort of freak wags school, a place of paid learning and education just so they can go to the library?

Erm. That would be me.

After my friends had ditched me (after much vociferous disapproval at this library business), I would hunker down between shelves with a stack of books higher than my head and just dive in.


Together with delinquency, the need to read is also something I have never grown out of. I think if I could eat books, I would.

Therefore I am so happy to be visiting the London Library soon.

The London Library is, and I quote this from their Facebook page:

the world’s largest independent lending library. Founded in 1841, today it houses a remarkable collection of over one million books & periodicals from the 16th to 21st century.

Billions of stories are hidden behind those walls...

The library offers a service by which they give a tour to wanna be members. Membership is open to all but is incredibly expensive. £395 annually. So despite the “all is welcome” policy, the subtext is actually, "money talks, the rest can walk". On a brighter note, you can pay £10 for day membership and have access to the library but without borrowing privileges.

I haven’t a hope in hell of gaining borrowing rights but I’m excited still. Posing as a rich person, I will be getting a guided tour through this lush and gorgeous place where Tom Stoppard goes to write and Jeremy Paxman is on the board of Vice-Presidents. I can’t wait.

Oh, if my mates could see me now...
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