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Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Pain of Pregnancy Brain

It's real.

The curse of pregnancy brain.

What was I saying?

What was I thinking?


The worse was the day when someone asked me how to spell my husband's surname and I didn't know.

I wonder if it is not so much a temporary absent-mindedness but rather a short circuiting due to information overload. Once you become pregnant, there is so much additional information to take in.  

I found this pregnancy survey on another blog and decided to replicate it here.

How did you find out you were pregnant?  By taking five cheap home pregnancy tests that I had bought on the internet
What kind of Pregnancy test did you take?  Don't know. It was only a fiver for fifty on the internet.
What were your 1st symptoms?  Sore boobs. 
Who did you tell first?  My husband. Then my masseuse.
Who was with you when you found out? Le Husband.
My 1st reaction:  Bemusement. 
Was your baby planned?  Yep
When was the baby conceived? I can't say.
How far were you when you found out?  Five weeks
How did your parents react?  Happily

My baby
Due Date:  March 21, 2011
Do you know the sex?  Yes
Any names: Yes
Any Ultrasounds?  Four so far, one more to go.
Have you heard the heart beat?  Yes and it's a great sound
Who do you think it will look like?  Judging by the ultrasounds, it has its father's massive head (OW!)
Will the baby have siblings? Your guess is as good as mine
Have you felt the baby move?  Absolutely

Did you have morning sickness? Only all day nausea
Did you have any cravings?  Orange juice, apple juice, bland carbs and cold cooked ham.
Did you have any mood swings? Is that a trick question
Are you a high risk pregnancy?  Nope.
Any complications?  Nope.
Formula or Breastfeeding? Whatever works
Have you bought anything for the baby yet? Yes
When did you start to show? About 5 months
How long could you wear your regular clothes? Still can although jeans need a belly belt
Will you keep the baby’s clothes? Only a few special pieces
Home or Hospital?  Hospital. 
Natural or Medicated birth? Whatever works
Who will be in the delivery room with you?  My partner in crime
Do you think you will need a C-section? Who knows
Will you let anyone video tape the birth?  No way Jose
Are you excited? Yes 
Who will help you with the baby after the birth?  My husband and our army of invisible staff. And then my mum.
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?  The bump, the happy hormones, the loving support from friends and family and the baby grooving away in my belly
What is the worst thing about being pregnant? Everything else
What’s one thing you miss doing since being pregnant?  Running.
Any days you wish you were not pregnant?  Yes
Are you ready for a baby?  Yes
Have you had your baby shower yet?  Not yet
Do you like kids?  Depends on the kid.  
How far along are you now?  28 weeks and counting…

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