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Saturday, 2 July 2016

March for Europe

Today London marches to protest the results of the Brexit referendum.  Over the past week, the world has watched our union unravel at the seams. Not only the union with our European neighbours but the union within our country, the United Kingdom. The Conservative and Labour parties are both in disarray. We have no real leader and whilst people cling to hope, despair is not far from the surface either.

I am at a writers retreat this weekend hosted by the Arvon Foundation. It is a sanctuary; tranquil and beautiful amidst the lush Shropshire countryside. I am sifting through old and new work trying to unravel and and tease out new stories and words. I found this old writing exercise from many years ago. A villanelle based around the election race between Obama and Hilary Clinton.  Somehow it seems fitting for the spirit of the pro EU march today so I will share it here:

Villanelle  #1

‘What a historic moment,’ the broadcaster said
She cried as she watched the election unfold.
‘Obama’s the man. He’s got the street cred.’

Thirty years ago, she’d gone to buy bread,
then walked back out into the cold.
'All blacks should be shot,' the baker had said.

And now naught for nothing had her ancestors bled.
She heard the echoes of voices of old.
‘Obama’s the man. He’s got the street cred.’

It was a moment for hope, but instead
she couldn’t forget the time she’d been told
‘All blacks should be shot,’ the baker had said.

The next morning she opened the paper and read
that to vote, people had queued for hours in the cold.
‘Obama’s the man. He’s got the street cred.’

What good is the hope that fills you with dread?
A movement for peace with their flag soaked in red
‘All blacks should be shot,’ the baker had said.
‘Obama’s the man. He’s got the street cred.’

In solidarity. Good luck and here's to a peaceful protest

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